Ezra Veldhuis,
Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost,
Bosse Provoost,
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Bosse Provoost Oshin Albrecht
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0 depar­ted from details of a Hubble pho­to­graph of a cos­mic gas cloud.

Between 2015 and 2017, Ezra pain­ted a series of lar­ge can­va­ses, depic­ting some­what other­world­ly volu­mes of light. The light doe­sn’t visi­bly reflect on any­thing, but in itself forms a kind of in-bet­ween spa­ce’. These can­va­ses were always instal­led in situ, or were made spe­ci­fi­cally for a spa­ce.

Each work was always given a dif­fe­rent situ­a­ti­on num­ber’ at the time of instal­la­ti­on, which when com­bi­ned with the num­ber of the can­vas for­med a tem­po­ra­ry tit­le for the work.

  • 24—27.03.16
    The Green Room TIG#4, Ghent (BE)