Ezra Veldhuis (°1991, NL) is a visual artist. Light as material and as subject is the central focus of her multidisciplinary practice. She creates monumental paintings, meticulously installed and placed in relation to a space. Apart from that she produces pelicule films on which she paints, and she works – mainly as scenographer and light designer – on performances and theatre pieces. With Bosse Provoost, she recently created SUN-SET, an installation-performance in which the evocative effects of light and darkness on a spectator are the central theme, creating the experience of a theatre space that is constantly transforming. For Matisklo, a performance centered around the poetry of Paul Celan, she created the lighting design and scenography. Her work has been exhibited in, among other places, In de Ruimte in Ghent, Concertgebouw Brugge, MSK Ghent, Plagia Rama in Brussels. Her work was selected for the KOMASK Prize and the Grote Ernst Albert Prijs, for which she received an honorable mention.